#SampleSunday: Not So Soft

Not So Soft, The Lust Diaries, Book 3.5
“How do I look?” I asked with a self-conscious tug on the bodice of my dress.
“Come here,” he said, gesturing me closer.  

I moved in and positioned myself between his parted knees. Bare-chested and smelling of sweet coconut oil and sunshine, his hands grasped my bare ankles then skated up my legs, under my dress to cup the backs of my thighs. He held me there; firm enough for me to know it wasn’t just a casual touch, but so lightly that every inch of me lit up in expectation of something more. He placed a kiss between my breasts, right at the deepest plunge of my bodice. 

“You want to know how you look?” he murmured against my skin. 

I grasped a handful of his soft hair and tipped his head back. My reflection stared back at me in his sunglasses. I took them off. “Yes…” I said, searching his face. “Tell me I look pretty.”

A sly smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Yvie, you look more than pretty. You look good enough to fuck.” 

I grinned. “So I have your permission fuck him?” I asked cheekily. 

The furrow between his brows deepened. “If you meet him, trust him and want to fuck him? Yes. You have my blessing.”

My question was tongue and cheek, a joke to lighten the intensity of the moment because intense moments make me twitchy. But his response…his response was a truth bomb that made me feel…I couldn’t rightly say what it made me feel. I’d felt it before, and it was something like gratitude or admiration or both all tied in together. And just like then, I could only pull him close and kiss him.

“Good enough to fuck, huh?” I asked playfully.

His hands slid further north to lift and cup my ass under my dress. “Most definitely, yes.” 

“Does that mean you’re going to fuck me before I leave?”

His smile pulled into a full on grin. “Most definitely, yes.”
Happy Sunday! 



Improving my Rep, a dirty Chekov’s Gun and other things I did this week: Feb. 20-26

Hey! Hi! Hello!

This was a busy week of good and amazing things!

I started off the week by announcing my Brower Literary & Management contract! Still super excited about the doors this will open for me and my writing career! img_2772-1

Fellow purveyor or filth who is also represented by Brower Lit, Madhuri Pavamani revealed the covers of books 1 & 2 of The Keeper series, DUTCH and JUMA

 img_2815-1  img_2887

On Thursday I met up with the Greenville Bloggers Union to talk about SEO and I met B. Fel, also known as CurlyScibe, a fellow romance author! img_2861

So awesome to find more romance writers here in Greenville and build some sense of community! Spending this Sunday morning with Winter Wonderland, her collection of short stories.

Also on Thursday, I was featured on Caroline Donahue’s Secret Library Podcast where I talked about what makes a good sex scene and gave you all a dirty version of Chekov’s Gun. If you’re able to endure an hour of my filthy ramblings, go give it a listen.

That about sums it up! I have a few things in store for you guys next week, including another post about Tarot and The Art of Storytelling.

Until then…







“Folks need you making their panties wet…” #MondayBlogs #amwriting

I’ve been sitting on this news for like a week…

Partly because I wanted to get the all the details worked out and make sure it was okay to share and now it is…

So…I have an agent!

Yes, this girl is now represented by Brower Literary & Management. They will be handling my Subrights which means that I’m still self-published but they will pursue different ways to improve my reach and get more eyes on my filthy words!

I can hardly believe that this is a thing that is happening and honestly, none of it would’ve happened if it weren’t for the lovely and talented, Madhuri Pavamani! She’s the one who said that “Folks need you making their panties wet..” among other wonderful things. I can’t thank her enough.

Shit is about to get really, real, you guys.

Time to start a new chapter.