Is rape a fantasy???

4 thoughts on “Is rape a fantasy???”

  1. I think rape fantasies are more common than we like to admit. I have never put one in a story of mine, though I have a few stories were I've come close.Since rape, after all, is a power struggle, and most sex-bloggers in my experience are pretty happy, I don' think we resort to this story line very often. Even in the D/s writing I've explored, true rape, non-consensual rape, is rare.If you watched the soap opera “General Hospital” in the 80's, their main couple (Luke & Laura) started their relationship with her being raped by him, and they ended up married.I think the power dynamic is erotic, but the public's reaction may be too harsh for it to be part of the main character's history unless some sympathetic reason was established for his actions.I found your blog today and I like what I see. Thanks!


  2. Hmm…that was very informative. I have to agree with the idea that most sex bloggers stick to the fun/consensual side of the experiences. But as I write this, it’s starting to feel like its about more than just the sex. **looks around to make sure no one’s listening** The more more I sketch this story out it’s starting to feel like suspense…but definitely to sexy to be romantic suspense. At this point I don’t have any idea where it’s going so it’s hard to say.Thank you so much for commenting!


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