Microfantasy Monday

This weeks Microfantasy Monday theme is waterside.

Somewhere off the coast there is a hurricane churning up the Atlantic. The tourists have all left; fleeing inland to their safe havens where the land and the sea don’t meet. Our sleepy, little waterside town is deserted. All that’s left are the few of us that are going to ‘ride it out’. Our neighbors on either side weren’t brave enough to weather the storm but this isn’t our first hurricane and it won’t be our last.

The hurricane makes the sky an eerie green color and though it’s supposed to be at least three or four hundred miles away we can already see the swirling clouds of the storm’s outer bands. The air feels charged with electricity. It courses through our veins makes us feel invincible.

We walk right up to the end of the pier. You turn to me and smile then let your thin sheet fly caught like a sail on the wind. I do the same. The wind is swirling, fitful; it carries sand that stings when it hits my exposed skin. We kiss and when I kiss your skin I find it salty, seasoned by the droplets of seawater in the air. You sit on a weathered old bench and pull me down to straddle your lap. This pier reaches right out into the bay and when the waves crash it makes the wood vibrate and shake; it creates a rhythm and I rock in time…riding you. Riding out the storm.

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