Notas por writing…

Don’t you hate it when you’re trying to do something really clever and you totally fuck it up? Yeah, well, that just happened to me. Alison Tyler is requesting writer’s notes to post to her blog and I thought, hey, this would be a great time for me to stop lurking and actually post! So I sent her an email…and I totally forgot to attach the bloody pic. *sigh* (Please, disregard that wet, smacking sound. That’s just me bashing my head against the exposed brick wall in my apartment.)

Anyway, here’s my sketch. This is part of my character development process. This is the main character from my WIP, title Fotografia I also do a picture collage thing too. I primarily keep these things in my moleskine notebook. It has a nifty lil’ pocket in the back for collecting scraps of paper and pictures and such. I used to have this other system? That wasn’t a system at all, you know? But that didn’t work out for me so I started doing this…there’s still lots of scribble scrabble but it’s all in one place at least.

So, that’s my process…

Oh and Alison?
Thank you and goodnight.

7 Replies to “Notas por writing…”

  1. I haven’t had the nerve to take a picture of my notes yet for Alison. This one is particularly cool. (I’m jealous of all the writers who can also draw something)Oh, and I’ve never sent an email and forgotten the attachment, never never, why is my nose growing?


  2. Hi T. (Is that what you prefer to be called here? This is my first time here. :)) I just came over to your blog from Erobintica’s — I love the shoe picture at the top and I love the background. Re your email to Alison, believe me, it happens to the best of us, lol. Nice meeting you!


  3. You’re up—I think your art is fantastic. And don’t worry about the little glitches. You’re definitely a cool kid at the table—I just hope you don’t mind if I steal a french fry or two.XXX,Alison


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