Writing Goals

My schedule has been on meth lately. Right now I’m working full time, going to school full time and writing full time. And I’m also a wife and mother. Of course, all these things can’t be done full time which is why I’m going completely batshit. I’m having EXTREME difficulty finding time to do the things I need to do, let alone the things I want to do, like writing. So this weekend I decided that instead of letting my life run off in the ditch that I would set some goals and make a schedule for myself. The goal setting took all day sunday to complete. The schedule is still a WIP.

So these are my writerly goals. If anyone out there wants to help me adhere to these goals by riding me like a rented mule than feel free to do so. The plan is to post weekly and montly updates here so I can keep track of my progress as my current system, or should I say lack of a system, is not working for me.

Writing goals for 2009

1. Edit, revise, submit all novel length works: LoveWanderLust, Her Haberdashery, Beattitudes, Frankie’s First Affair, The Undoing of Langston Black and my paranormal romance The Rook in Twilight.(sheesh, when I list them all like that it seems completely riDONKulous that I haven’t submitted any of these for publishing. I’m such a coward!)

2. Make some progress on my novel length WIPs: Lucidity (outlined, two chapters written) and Fotografia (outlined, partial first chapter written)

3. Write two more short stories to submit to BWE (Deadline May 1st 2009)
1 short story for Sex with Soul (deadline May 1st,in progress)
1 Story for Ravenous Romance 3somes anthology (deadline May 1st, in progress)

4. Whittle down my short story WIP folder. There are currently 12 ideas or partially finished stories in there now. I want to get that completely empty by the end of the year whether they are erotic short stories or not. I plan to do this by writing a short story a week.

I think that’s enough for now. This list seems pretty ambitious and to be honest someone intimidating. It’s going to take some serious time management but I intend to get it done!

And now off to make that schedule…

3 Replies to “Writing Goals”

  1. Yes, all those novel length pieces…two years in the making but yes. Admittedly, I’ve only read three of them since I finished writing them and of the three only two have been edited. I’m more than a little intimidated by the daunting task of editing all that. I’m pretty sure I won’t be reading anything but my own work for a while.


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