I’ve wanted to participate in one Alison Tyler’s contests for so long and honestly the only thing holding me back is the wordcount. I. CANNOT. WRITE. SHORT. Short for me is 6,000 words. I really struggle with brevity. I really admire writers that can get straight to the point, right to the nitty gritty. I can’t do that. Well, let’s not say can’t. I hate the word can’t. I’m always all over my boys for using it. So instead I’ll say I have a hard time with it. I get too wrapped up in the pretty, too absorbed in describing every detail; all the little tactile things that I hope make it real for the person who reads it. I don’t know if this is necessarily a good or bad thing, but I know it’s why I haven’t been able to submit to anthologies. My shorts are really more like Novellas and nobody wants those. I guess all I can do is keep practicing…

3 Replies to “Brevity…”

  1. Do you write poetry, Elle? If so, try to approach a flasher like a cross between a poem and a story.I used to have trouble cutting down, now I’m pretty comfortable in the flasher zone.Good luck!


  2. Try to focus on one thing.Think telegram/text message/Twitter, NOT telephone call.And, as for novellas, I wouldn’t say nobody wants them. You just have to find the people who do.


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