var gaJsHost = ((“https:” == document.location.protocol) ? “https://ssl.” : “http://www.”);
document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript src='” + gaJsHost + “google-analytics.com/ga.js’ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));

try {
var pageTracker = _gat._getTracker(“UA-9168462-2”);
} catch(err) {}Soooo, it finally happened! I’m published! My short story Whisper-Sigh-Moan is featured at The Erotic Woman! I’m so excited! I’ve been writing and editing and submitting in a frenzy these last few months and I didn’t expect to hear anything back from anyone until at least May so this was a surprise! I’m so psyched! I feel like this is the first in a long line of good things that will happen with my writing and it definitely gives me a that creative pat on the back to keep me going. I hope you guys pop over and read it!

Now please excuse me so that I can do my happy dance. (Uh-huh, oh yeah, uh-uh-uh)

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