Amedeo Modigliani…

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I’ve been obsessed with Modigliani and his ladies as of late. Especially his reclining nudes; their languid expressions; the juxtapostion of hard outlines paired with soft curve and shadow. Every now and then I latch on to a particular artist and read all I can about them and become blindly inspired by their work. I guess it’s Modigliani’s turn. A few years ago I was obsessed with everything Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. I drew and painted maybe a half dozen self-portraits; only one of which survived my own personal critique. I’m my worst critic. I would spend hours/days on a particular piece and then totatally trash it because one line was out of place or the balance was slightly off. Anyway,I said all that to tell you all that I’m working on a series of sketches in my moleskine inspired by Modigiliani. They aren’t ready yet…I’ll probably have the first ready by next monday. So sorry, no sketch today.

Writing Updates:
I’m still editing Her Haberdashery; up to my eyeballs actually. It’s going slow but well. I hope to meet my goal of completing it by May 1st. Of course, after all of these changes I will need to do another edit. I hate the editing process. It feels never ending and I always get the sensation that I’m wrecking the whole thing by changing it so much. *shrugs* Who knows, really? I guess, I never will unless I submit it but in order to do that I have to hit the 90k mark. Right now I’m only at about 60k. I have an idea for another chapter so that will be an additional 3k words or more. After that I’m not really sure where to go.

I’m rambling…
Here’s some more Modigliani…

Did you notice the bit of hair under their arms? Under normal circumstances I think that a woman should be smooth and hairless but for some reason this bit of hair doesn’t bother me. It’s even a bit sexy…in the painting that is.

4 Replies to “Amedeo Modigliani…”

  1. *”I’m my worst critic. I would spend hours/days on a particular piece and then totatally trash it because one line was out of place or the balance was slightly off. “*

    Hi there. We must be related. 😉 Not drawing though. Just words. I am a great drawing mimic. I can copy most things freehand. Taking something from my head and drawing it…no way. I marvel at people who can. And I covet that talent. Alas, maybe next lifetime.

    Lovely, lovely pictures. I like the first one best. But as for the hair, I agree. I like smooth and hairless *ahem* in all respects. An acquired taste but truly a taste now…but you are right! I don’t mind it there. And yeah, it’s kind of hot.

    For what it’s worth, you need to stop picking on yourself. I think your art is fan-fucking-tastic. :)~



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