You suck! And these are the reasons why…

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try {
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} catch(err) {}That was the subject line of the email that I got from my best friend yesterday. It seems that I haven’t talked to her since last Wednesday. Of course, I called her promptly and listened to about four minutes of scolding before we could have a conversation but, the whole time we were talking I just kept thinking…I should be writing, I should be writing.

Does this happen to any of you?

Sometimes I feel that the only way I can be an effective writer is to totally and completely check out of my life. To pull away or inward, into myself and submerge myself in the characters and world that I create. This, of course, is a huge inconvenience to my family and friends. All of whom I love but find myself pulling away from on a regular basis. I try to tell them it’s not about them. But they always seem hurt or affected in some way by what I chose to do with my free time. How do I explain to them that this is work for me? That this makes me happy? How do I make room for life in my writing or writing in my life? Should one take priority over the other?

I’ve tried everything I can to make a schedule for the writing but somehow it always seems to bleed into everything. Creeping in around the edges until I’m writing at soccer games, while I’m on the phone with my mother, while having dinner with my husband at a nice restaurant. How can I achieve some balance? Please tell me that someone has a remedy.

One Reply to “You suck! And these are the reasons why…”

  1. Sorry, no remedy. I guess either my friends are used to not hearing from me regularly or I don’t have any friends that need constant contact. I still can’t seem to find the time to really sink into a story for any length of time without dropping everything else (which gets difficult when you have a family). As a result, I have lots of unfinished things. ‘Tis the ways of the writer, is what I gather (can’t even go for a walk without taking a little notebook with me – I’m the crazy lady scribbling on the side of the road).


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