Sometimes I wonder…

4 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder…”

  1. I know how you feel. I definitely feel like I belong in a different era, in a different life – it’s weird to feel like you don’t belong where you are. Or that you don’t know who you are.

    I’ve got nearly a 6 foot frame, but I think all souls come in one size – infinite.

    Anyway – take it easy!


  2. Keep reflecting upon yourself, T. Elle. You won’t know your place in this world without knowing, or at least exploring who you are.

    I enjoyed this glimpse into your personalities!


  3. Thanks Craig and Marina for stopping by. It seems like I’m doing a lot of thinking lately; mostly about myself as opposed to the characters I invent. I guess, in a lot of ways I’m reventing who I am or who I thought I was. Hopefully I’ll like myself in the end.


  4. Hey, I so understand! Sometimes it seems that it would be so much easier to be one-dimensional. Have one of those oh-so predictable lives. You know – up, work, home, dinner, TV, bed. Some of them seem pretty happy with that. But I finally realized that’s not for me. But still, sometimes it’s hard because I want to be so many things.

    Keep thinking. I hear it’s good for the brain.


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