I’ve had all I can stand…

3 thoughts on “I’ve had all I can stand…”

  1. Starting your own group is a good idea. Perhaps you might consider Yahoo groups? There are a ton or erotica writers out here in Blog Land that possibly join you if you reach out to them….

    It's just a thought….



  2. Thanks for commenting, kitten.

    I thought about doing the Yahoo groups, but I know in my area a lot of the 'joiners' use meetup.com as a place to find and make 'friends'. I just don't know what their restrictions are; meaning I don't know if they will even let me start a club like this.

    Primarily, I'm looking to start something that will eventually grow into the sort of thing they have going on in NYC with In the Flesh and in Philly at L'etage, but first I have to get all the dirty birdies to come out of their hidey holes…that's the tricky part.


  3. Hey Elle,

    You might want to check out Desdmona's Fish Tank, which is a community of erotica writers. When I was first getting published, I went out there and the community is nice and helpful. You can post stories to be commented on, and can comment on stories. I actually think you have to comment on others' stories to post your own. They also have message boards.

    Here's a link:


    Good luck in whatever you end up doing!


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