Hmmm, can I say that in a synopsis?

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} catch(err) {}Okay, so I finally finished the writing and editing of Her Haberdashery. (Yayy!) My bff is reading it and so far so good. She’s sending me lots of flattering emails which probably just means she blowing smoke up my ass because she loves me so much but after working on this for almost a year and a half, I’ll take it! Eventually I know I’m going to need someone else to read it over so if any of you are interested in being a beta reader, shoot me an email and I promise I will find some very inventive ways to thank you. ;P

Now that the novel is finally finished (phew!), I’m in the process of writing a synopsis and, you guessed it…I have no fucking idea how to write a synopsis. I’m just winging the fucker; breaking the story down to bare bones but hopefully still maintaining some of the wit and character of the novel that will make someone want to read it past the three or four chapters I submit along with it. I’m about 1500 words in, mostly finished (I’m trying to keep it under 2k) but I’ve encountered a little problem that I hadn’t considered. So here’s the question: if the story contains words like cock, cunt, pussy, ass, fuck and all of that, is it okay to include that in the synopsis, too? If not this synopsis is going to be full of purple prose and we all know how well that goes over. If any of you have any advice (that is if any of my fellow erotic bloggers are even reading this anymore outside of Craig and Robin) please give me some tips and pointers.


3 Replies to “Hmmm, can I say that in a synopsis?”

  1. hehehe *waves*

    *waves to Craig*

    Hey, never having gotten any more than a few chapters into a novel length anything – I would have no fucking clue whether you can say cock, cunt, pussy, ass, fuck (channeling St. George Carlin here) in a synopsis. Maybe Craig will know, since he's done something long.

    Have you googled “how to write a synopsis of an erotic novel?” – I know it's silly, but ya never know.

    and if you find sometime out, let us know


  2. LOL, Hey Robin!

    I googled how to write an erotic synopsis but came up with nothing. I'm just gonna start sending random emails to different erotic authors to see what I come up with. What's the worst thing they could say? No, I won't give you my insider secrets! KICK ROCKS!

    I'll definitely let you know what I dig up.


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