Hmmm, can I say that in a synopsis?

3 thoughts on “Hmmm, can I say that in a synopsis?”

  1. hehehe *waves*

    *waves to Craig*

    Hey, never having gotten any more than a few chapters into a novel length anything – I would have no fucking clue whether you can say cock, cunt, pussy, ass, fuck (channeling St. George Carlin here) in a synopsis. Maybe Craig will know, since he's done something long.

    Have you googled “how to write a synopsis of an erotic novel?” – I know it's silly, but ya never know.

    and if you find sometime out, let us know


  2. LOL, Hey Robin!

    I googled how to write an erotic synopsis but came up with nothing. I'm just gonna start sending random emails to different erotic authors to see what I come up with. What's the worst thing they could say? No, I won't give you my insider secrets! KICK ROCKS!

    I'll definitely let you know what I dig up.


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