He said…

3 thoughts on “He said…”

  1. well, after 27 years of marriage I'm finally not feeling so shy of revealing the “dirty corners of my mind” to my husband – so, good for you! and yeah, maybe it is all the writing about sex, because I'm finding that this has really helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

    Umm, I wish it was summer here – all we've had is rain – it's pouring and 56 degrees! I'm in a sweater – this is NOT june!


  2. It's rained a lot here too but it's so fraggin' hot that we're usually thankful for the quick, hard downpours in the evening. Sheesh, that response sounded sexual and I wasn't even trying!

    Help! Someone! Anyone! My cunt is running my life! Lol


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