He said…

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He said…
“I love it when you whisper you secret fantasies on my tongue.”

I whisper them because even after nine years of marriage I still feel shy about revealing all of the dirty corners of my mind. Maybe it’s all that catholic guilt, but even considering that I have to admit that lately its getting easier. A lot easier. Maybe it’s all this writing about sex. Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s my summer time ritual of sitting on the patio at dusk drinking rum and reveling in just how fucking AWESOME my life is right now. Maybe it’s because in August I won’t get to see him for six months and I’m trying to fit all the fucking I can in the next thirty to forty five days. Whatever it is…I’m feeling sort of insatiable right now and I bet the hubs is feeling very lucky.

3 Replies to “He said…”

  1. well, after 27 years of marriage I'm finally not feeling so shy of revealing the “dirty corners of my mind” to my husband – so, good for you! and yeah, maybe it is all the writing about sex, because I'm finding that this has really helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin.

    Umm, I wish it was summer here – all we've had is rain – it's pouring and 56 degrees! I'm in a sweater – this is NOT june!


  2. It's rained a lot here too but it's so fraggin' hot that we're usually thankful for the quick, hard downpours in the evening. Sheesh, that response sounded sexual and I wasn't even trying!

    Help! Someone! Anyone! My cunt is running my life! Lol


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