In another life…

…I may have been a groupie.
I may have been one of the many women who gave birth to one of Bob Marley’s children. I may have been one of those women who indulged in those bohemian, batik draped, mind bending sex sessions with Jimi Hendrix. Maybe I would have licked the purple off of Prince’s boots or fell to my knees to worship the throbbing, thrusting, gyrating guitar of Lenny Kravitz. Either way, I don’t think I would have come up with a scenario anywhere near as hot, dirty and downright debauched as Alison Tyler’s Banging Rebecca.

Banging Rebecca, has the hard grittiness of a NYC bowery band; the seedy, eroticism of a Broadway peepshow. The setting for this story was Cali but it feels very Lower Eastside; or at least what the lower eastside used to be; back in the days when it was populated with punks and freaks and hundreds of sexy, slinky musicians. I loved this dark and dirty story. I hope there are more to come.

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