It’s become obvious to me…

…that writing or any other sort of creative process requires some degree of insanity or mental instability. I don’t consider myself insane or mentally unstable but the very definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing expecting a different result and I continuously write and submit stories expecting that one day something of mine will get published somewhere. I woke up to three rejection letters in my inbox today. THREE. That makes a total of four for the week and it’s only Tuesday. That’s a bit excessive. Until now, I’ve been receiving one every week or so but to see all three in there stacked one on top of the other was a little bit soul crushing.

I know this seems extremely whiny but oh well…I’m feeling a little entitled to one right now.


2 Replies to “It’s become obvious to me…”

  1. I sent out a rash of stories in early August. I'm just now getting the rejections. All I can say is…ouch! I wish I knew what I was doing wrong so that I can correct it but you don't get much feedback. I say again, fuck my life.


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