Flasher: “I just don’t get it…”

“I just don’t get it…”
By T. Harrison
copyright © 2009 T. Harrison.

She doesn’t remember exactly how they got on this topic, she only wishes she knew how to get herself out of it. This was not a conversation she ever dreamt of having with her staunchly conservative, morally upright older sister. But somewhere between trying on designer shoes and ordering coffee and scones the conversation took a sharp turn to the left and ended up at kinky sex; spanking to be exact. She can’t remember what she said but she knew she had crossed the line when her sister screwed her face into a frown and asked with a hint of disgust in her voice, “And what would you know about that? Have you been spanked before?”
She stalls for a moment; brings her coffee mug to her lips; takes a deep swallow of the rich, dark brew.
“You have, haven’t you?” her sister accuses.
And she has been spanked. More than once; routinely in fact; but it’s not something that she is willing to admit to. At least not in this moment with her sister eyeing her warily as if she has somehow transformed into some wanton, sexually deviant, pervert.
“I dated a guy who was into it,” she admits finally; purposefully omitting the fact that she dated him because he was into spanking…and a lot more.
“Really? Who?”
She tosses out a name. Her sister doesn’t remember the guy but she does. What she remembers most about him is his hands. His large hand gripping both her slender wrists. His heavy hand meeting that sensitive bit of skin in that curve under her buttocks with stinging accuracy. She clearly remembers the sound that was made when his hand met her flesh and his voice hissing in her ear, Sssslut!
“Humph,” her sister grunts judgmentally while shaking her head. “I just don’t get it. I mean, what does that have to do with sex?”
She shrugs again, squirming in her seat. Thinking of his hands has made her impossibly wet. “It wasn’t really all that bad,” she says bringing the coffee mug to her lips again.
“Yeah and you’re a little brat. You probably deserved it,” her sister jokes.
She laughs and then mutters into her mug, “More than you know.”

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