BOOKS to MOVIES: Queen of the Damned, Anne Rice

I realize that I’m way behind in reviewing this one. I know the movie debuted in 2002 or 03 something like that. The only reason why I’m bringing it up is because THING 2, my young son who has had an unnatural obsession with Aaliyah since he was a babe in diapers, has taken to watching this movie at least once daily. Spare me your bad mother tongue lashings. He’s not a baby anymore and I watched movies far scarier and gorier at his age and I turned out just fine…well, close to fine, or okay…some days are better than others.

Anyway, I digress.

I wanted to talk about this movie because I loved the book. I’m an avid fan of Anne Rice. I even gave her latest work a try not knowing that she had gone all SUPERCHRIST-Y on me. They were well written novels just not my cup of joe. I will never understand how people can completely abandon one way of thinking to adopt another. I don’t understand why it has to be one or the other; all or nothing. What was wrong with what she wrote before? Am I supposed to believe she’s some sort of saint now? Sent down to give me the gospel according to Anne? CAN YOU TELL THIS MAKES ME ANGRY???

Shit…off topic again…where was I? OH! Like I said, I loved the book but this movie pisses me off to no end. I know and understand that the writer usually has very little to do with how the screenwriter and the filmmaker interpret their novel. But this was so far off base that it makes it difficult to watch. The characters look nothing like her descriptions in the book. At least in ‘Interview with a Vampire’ they made Tom Cruise blond so that he was a little closer to the literary description of Lestat. He was still about two feet too short and not nearly god-like but at least they made an attempt. In ‘Queen of the Damned’ they didn’t even bother trying. Lestat and Marius are both dark haired and dark eyed. Maharet is a brunette instead of a redhead, which is an integral part of the book. She and her sister were the redheaded twins (the never mentioned the twin sister in the film, btw, and she and Maharet both killed Akasha, thus splitting the responsibility of being the big bad vampire mama). They gave Jesse red hair but what difference does that make if you didn’t draw the same similarities in her undead Auntie?

Then there is that super-wack ending. “Don’t drink the last drop or your follow her into her death?” What? That is so stupid. How did they suggest an ending like that without everyone at the table laughing until tears streamed down their cheeks? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

There are some things that were done well. Making the music Lestat performed Nu-Metal was a great idea. Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn, did an awesome job on the soundtrack. Aaliyah killed it in her role as Akasha. She died shortly after the film wrapped though. What a tragic waste.

Anyways, what other movies do you all think missed the mark in portraying an author’s story? I think quite a few. Maybe it would be easier to name some that succeeded. I think Of Mice and Men did a good job. And To Kill a Mockingbird. I can’t think of any from this decade or even the last two for that matter.


Sex in the City, maybe?

5 Replies to “BOOKS to MOVIES: Queen of the Damned, Anne Rice”

  1. Hi DS…have to agree with you…sometimes they ruin it completely! For me it was 'The Mists of Avalon' by Marion Zimmer Bradley – so many of the pagan aspects were either twisted or left out completely that the entire meaning of the book was lost behind the “glory of christianity”. Gah.

    The same for Stephen King's 'The Shining' as well as 'Misery'.


  2. OH, GAWD! I totally forgot that one. Loved that book also. The movie was horrible. Why did christianity play such a big part in that movie? Haven't a million movies been made about King Arthur's court with Christianity as the focus? It would have been nice Avalon portrayed the way it was in the book. But, Alas, no such luck.

    We won't even talk about how the King movies were hacked up. I consider them a seperate entity, that's the only way I can watch them.


  3. I'm with you. I've gotten to the point that if a movie comes out that's based on a book I refuse to read the book first. Well…that and my husband refuses to watch with me if all I'm going to do is pick it apart. So, for sanity's sake, we watch, then I read. Makes it easier to view them as seperate things, totally unrelated.

    Oh…the Harry Potter movies are the other. They actually stay pretty true in the beginning, but as the books get more involved they started to leave out plot threads which become important in subsequent books. It's rather frustrating!


  4. Same here and the Hubs makes the same complaint. This is the only reason why I haven't read the Sookie Series from Charlaine Harris. My best friend did and she's already told me that True Blood isn't going according to the books. I like the series as it stands and I will probably never read the books now.

    And you're right. Harry Potter does do a good job of portraying the books accurately. It will be interesting to see how the movies develop as they move through the series. I don't know about you, but I was disappointed in how the series ended. I wanted a HUGE stand off. I wouldn't mind if the changed THAT ending.


  5. Actually, to be honest, I've not read the last book. I've had it out from the library three times now(have it right now, actually) and it just sits there waiting for me. I just can't bear to read it knowing it's the end. I'll likely do the same with Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time Series(especially since he died before finishing it).
    I've not read the Sookie series or seen True Blood…might have to check it out 🙂


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