On the topic of Porn(or Y.K.I.N.M.K.)

I subscribe to several sex positive blogs. I’m a sex positive person and I believe in my heart of hearts that nothing done between two consenting adults can ever be wrong or gross. That is not to say that there aren’t some things that are unappealing to me. In fact, the list of things that I won’t or haven’t done in the bedroom is considerably longer than what has actually taken place behind closed doors. That’s why posts like this get my gander up. I think people who have the balls to explore BDSM have enough problems without being vilified. Don’t vilify the people who participate in it. Don’t vilify the people who watch it. If it’s not for you that’s fine, but that doesn’t make the people who like this sort of kink in to rapists or abusers. Don’t make the women into mindless, broken wrecks who want to be beat up on. Because in the end we’re all human, we’re all sexual and life is nothing more than eating, fucking and procreating; everything else is just a means to an end.

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