A Kindling Flame…

Let me premise this by saying that I love books. I love to feel the weight of them in my hand. I love the smell of the glue and the paper on a new book. I love the experience of turning a page and discovering new worlds, characters and realities. I love the sight of bookshelves packed tight with row after row of books. This deep, intense love of the tactile experience of owning and reading books is what made me wary of purchasing an e-reader of any sort. My knee jerk reaction was that e-readers were the fast track toward literary extinction. Very few adults read as it is and the generations coming up now are more plugged in than we ever were. Everything is based on the instant gratification of buying all the music you want, the shoes you want, the movie you want with one click. Don’t get me wrong, I have a problem with instant gratification and I absolutely LURVE getting new gadgets. I’m a nerd that way. But when I considered e-readers I couldn’t help thinking of the whole digital music/napster craze and how, for a minute there, it was absolutely cool and acceptable to steal music. In my mind, e-readers would make it easier for people to do the same thing with books and as a writer that made me nervous and suspicious.

Then…several things happened. Unforeseen changes, so to speak. The first is that I began the publishing process. During this process, I learned more about my writing style and what was ‘marketable’. After sending out several copies of my manuscripts (and receiving SEVERAL rejections), I narrowed down the two publishing houses where I thought my work would fit. One of them was the Black Lace imprint. So I sent them my manuscript…and then the imprint promptly dissolved, lol. This left a HUGE hole in the erotic romance community. (Google it if you don’t believe me.) I’m still quite stunned that an imprint that was doing so well would dissolve but I digress…

Also around this time a couple of authors whose blogs I follow (Sommer Marsden and Alison Tyler) self-pubbed a few e-books. Though they were cheap, I find it difficult to read for long periods of time on my laptop. I spend a lot of time on laptop reading my own crap and end up with some serious eye fatigue so reading a book, no matter how good or pleasurable doesn’t appeal to me. Nor did printing out 45 pages on my printer. (Ink is expensive!)

Anyway, I told you all of that so that I can tell you that I am now the proud owner of a bright, shiny new Kindle DX.

I also considered the Nook from Barnes and Noble, which in fact, would have been the sexier pick. But if I bought one now it wouldn’t ship until sometime in January and considering the fact that it’s first gen I didn’t want to have to deal with a product that may have some kinks to work out when Kindle had already achieved perfection 🙂

And by the way…I’m in love ❤ Not only does it satisfy my need for instant gratification and feed my ADD tendency to read more than one book at once; it also helps me with my own writing because I can email my manuscripts to the kindle and read and edit my own work. The note taking feature also allows me to take notes on the books I do read so I can remember my exact thoughts which would aid my goal of doing more reviews.

By no means do I think that this will ever replace my desire for REAL books but I think this purchase is the beginning of a long intense romance.

2 Replies to “A Kindling Flame…”

  1. I agree that books in the hand soothe the soul. But eBooks will bandage the psyche.

    I often get tired of looking at a computer screen, so books seduce me mightily with their format. One day, I will Kindle.

    I never thought of ppl stealing content, b/c I assumed we would automatically DRM the works. Part of producing is that some unexpected sharing will go on. It will all work out for the best…I think.


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