Happy New Year!

I guess this is the time of year when people start making promises and setting goals that they will never really make a true effort to accomplish. I’ve never believed in the whole resolutions thing. I come from the school where if you’re going to do something, then just do it. No need to make an announcement about it. In a lot of ways it feels like I’m setting myself up for failure when I do it that way. So, I’m not going to make resolutions. I will only say what I will do this year. Some of which, is already in the works.

1. Write more and publish more.

Well, duh. This really doesn’t need to be elaborated. I did write more this year and I feel like I’ve finally found my true ‘voice’. Now I just need to grow some balls and send some more of my work out there. Publish, publish, publish.

2. Watch less TV and limit my activity on social networking sites.

I’ve already started doing this. I rarely ever get on Facebook anymore and I’ve stopped turning on the TV for background noise. I listen to music instead. I used to listen to music all day and I think my writing is suffering because of it. Need more music and less visual stimuli. I will keep up with the twitter account though. I like feeling like I’m surrounded by lots of clever writers.

3. Take a photography class.

I’ve wanted to do this for ages but I’ve always thought I didn’t have the time for it. Now I will make the time for it. I love photography and I think I have an eye for it. Maybe eventually I’ll start a photoblog and maybe an Etsy shop. Maybe…

4. Draw more.

I’ve gotten away from keeping a sketchbook/journal. I don’t know why. Laziness? I’m gonna get back to it.

5. Figure out this internet marketing thing.

I envy chicas like Sommer Marsden and Alison Tyler who sell themselves so well. I need/want to learn how to do that.

6. Start my own critique group for Romance and Erotica writers.

I can’t be the only person writing dirty/romantic stories in all of South Carolina…right? Hellooooo….? Is anybody out there????

I’m going to start a group on Meetup.com. Give it sixty days and if no one bites, meh, I tried.

7. Read more.

I only read a handful of books this year. Most of them anthos. That’s pathetic. Must read more. Period.

And that’s the end of the list. I think that’s plenty. I’m not going to make any promises about keeping up with this blog more. It comes and goes in spurts. I don’t have that gift to make my everyday life sound interesting because…it’s just not. I love my home life but really, it’s really dull for someone who doesn’t know me intimately. I will only say that I will try harder to post here.


Have a safe and Happy New Year, lovelies.

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