Yes I’m still alive…

I think it’s rather fitting that my last post here was New Year’s where I vow to make an effort to blog more. Heh. It’s safe to say that resolution has been broken. I don’t really have any excuse except to say that blogging is hard for me. I struggle with what should be posted here. I don’t want it to be too personal–like some dumping ground for my day to day issues. I also don’t really want to post my half-baked writing here because, well, it’s damn embarassing to come back and read that sorry crap. I don’t really have much to write about outside of that. I feel like I should apologize for that but, why bother really? I don’t want to make anymore promises either.

But anyway…in other news. I did have a bit of publishing success. Sommer Marsden has edited two saucy anthos, Dirtyville and Kinkyville. I have a lil’ story in the Dirtyville edition entitled “The Good Wife”. Pop over to the Dirtyville Collections blog to get to know the other authors and purchase a copy.

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