If I keep writing, it will happen…right?

2 thoughts on “If I keep writing, it will happen…right?”

  1. I'm not a light hearted, giggly sorta girl and I find it really difficult to write that way. ” Hear hear! I've found that when I try to stifle that little-bit-darker-little-bit-complicated-little-bit-odd way of thinking I have, my writing falls flat. I too find it hard to fit stuff into shorter. But I've managed a few things.

    And hey, nothing wrong at all with self-pubbing. Yeah, some folks turn up their noses, but it has a long history and as you say, if the point is to be read (and not necessarily to get “approval” – which has been an issue for me, but is becoming less so) – then I say self-pub!

    And good luck on the school stuff!


  2. Glad to know I'm not alone! I subbed a threesome story a month or so ago and the primary reason why it was refused was because of the 'ick' factors. And by 'ick' factors I mean, real emotions that stem from the complex idea of my MC being involved with two people. I felt my depiction was accurate or at least, a variation on how someone would feel if they found themselves in this situation. Yeah, apparently no one wants to read that. I sent it somewhere else but I'll probably end up self pubbing that one too.

    All in all, I'm in good place. Just hoping this school thing works out so I can get my days back!


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