If I keep writing, it will happen…right?

So, this month has been one of my most productive months. I wrote two novellas and I have already edited and subbed them to two e-publishers a piece. I feel pretty good about what I’ve been producing and also hopeful that it’s going to happen soon. And by it I mean the Great Publishing Fairy in the sky is going to grant me my most sincere wish. I realize I’m going a bit against the grain, seeing as how the easiest way to get noticed in this genre is to produce lots of short stories but, really my short story writing is pretty hit or miss. I feel much more comfortable writing in the 10k to 100k range. A few months ago I decided to stop struggling with the short stories and just write where I feel comfortable. I also decided that I would write what I want. I’m not a light hearted, giggly sorta girl and I find it really difficult to write that way. There is always some sort of dark under tone to most of what I write and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I’m comfortable with my writing right now but not bored. If I get bored, I’ll change things up.

I’ve also made some decisions regarding publication. If the things that I’ve submitted don’t get picked up, I’ll self pub them. It’s not as if I’m saying that I think that my writing is so fookin’ orsum that I will do anything to get it out there. I’m just saying that the whole point of being a writer is to have people READ what you write. If traditional publishing doesn’t work out then, I think that self-pubbing is the way to go. Of course, I will continue to persue the traditonal publishing route but, I don’t consider it the holy grail anymore. There are plenty of people out there doing it now. Why shouldn’t I?

My biggest issue is time. Isn’t that everyone’s issue? It seems like I have less and less of it lately and I can’t figure out why. Mostly it’s the boys. This homeschooling thing has taken on a whole life of it’s own and I spend a tremendous amout of time just doing that. Hopefully that will change in the fall. We live in a different school district and I’m going to enroll them. Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn’t end with me yanking them out again.

2 Replies to “If I keep writing, it will happen…right?”

  1. I'm not a light hearted, giggly sorta girl and I find it really difficult to write that way. ” Hear hear! I've found that when I try to stifle that little-bit-darker-little-bit-complicated-little-bit-odd way of thinking I have, my writing falls flat. I too find it hard to fit stuff into shorter. But I've managed a few things.

    And hey, nothing wrong at all with self-pubbing. Yeah, some folks turn up their noses, but it has a long history and as you say, if the point is to be read (and not necessarily to get “approval” – which has been an issue for me, but is becoming less so) – then I say self-pub!

    And good luck on the school stuff!


  2. Glad to know I'm not alone! I subbed a threesome story a month or so ago and the primary reason why it was refused was because of the 'ick' factors. And by 'ick' factors I mean, real emotions that stem from the complex idea of my MC being involved with two people. I felt my depiction was accurate or at least, a variation on how someone would feel if they found themselves in this situation. Yeah, apparently no one wants to read that. I sent it somewhere else but I'll probably end up self pubbing that one too.

    All in all, I'm in good place. Just hoping this school thing works out so I can get my days back!


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