Intolerance…and asshats

I probably brought this on myself and in truth, I should know better but, I allowed myself to get drawn into a conversation with an asshat on facebook. They should really just call facebook asshat land because every time I go on there, some asshat is spouting their bigotry on my wall.

This is the status I woke up to from one of my “friends”

“Study revealed on the news this morning states: children with 2 Lesbian parents are raised better than any other children!!! Who the heck did this study!!! Last time I checked the bible said “Honor thy mother and father” Not honor thy mother and mother!!! SMH!!!!”

Let’s over look the ridiculous amount of superflous punctuation and get to the real meat and potatoes of this statement. It’s fucking prejudice. PERIOD. And I don’t care what ancient text you site that was psychically interpreted by some desert schizophrenic from the jewish zombie god and his father Casper the Vengeful ghost, it’s still a message of intolerance and that makes it fucking wrong. Of course, I said as much. And, boy howdy, did the stones get thrown. By the end of thread, I was called an an uneducated idiot who didn’t understand morality.


I’m not the one who runs around calling people faggot and preaching that they should be denied their inalienable right to have a family because they are homosexual. I’m not the one who thinks it would be better for a kid to remain in foster care because I think that placing them in a same sex home is selfish and a disservice to the child’s upbringing.

Am I alone in feeling that this argument is completely IGNORANT?

I think the study was more based on the fact that kids don’t just *happen* in same sex relationships. They have to make a conscious decision to have or adopt a child and by the nature of that process, more thought goes into it. Usually they are more financially stable before they decide to do it(because they have to be. Adoption and fertility drugs…are expensive). And also they are usually in the right place mentally and emotionally to have children because the process of pursuing either course is long and arduous. I don’t think that they love their kids any more or less than I love mine (at least not right at this moment, you might want to ask me again a week from now.) I just think that maybe through all the planning that goes into having a child in a same sex relationship, it makes them *want* the kid more than most heterosexual couples do. Having kids is a given in most M/F relationships. Not so in same sex ones. (Again, this is a generalization but I think it’s a good theory.)

I also think that guy who argues so strongly against kids being placed in a loving home or brought into a loving relationship is an angry asshat who is too stupid to live.

And lastly, I think I should stay away from facebook before having coffee. Though my argument was eloquent, I think it could have been avoided if I wasn’t carrying around my usual morning grumpiness when I read it.

9 Replies to “Intolerance…and asshats”

  1. You know, the amount of intolerance in the world astounds me. And, I think many of these folks have these opinions/attitudes by default – they don't really think independantly about the issues, they just follow whatever tradition they've encountered through their upbringing and/or peer groups. People should use their own brains and form their own opinions. Live and let live. If it's not harming anyone, and certainly if it's helping, let it be!
    Nice rant – thanks for sharing!


  2. Sheeit. I'da been right there with you.

    The “haves” never, ever, ever, ever, want the “have nots” to gain ground.

    And I say we call every one of those fucking bigots out when they post stupidity in a public place.

    Good for you for doing it.


  3. Agreed! I just don't understand the thought process that goes behind these arguments. I mean, common sense seems to dictate that a kid who was previously in foster care would be better off in a loving home. But like you said, bigotry against homosexuals is a tradition (esp. in the black community). I'm with you, live and let live.


  4. @Tina, Thanks! I just find it very difficult to read stuff like that. It gets my back up immediately. And I know it's a futile argument because Asshats don't see the error in their ways and suddenly change their way of thinking but, jeez, I can't just let him come out and spout that filth and hatred without pointing it out for what it is.


  5. Seems to me the survey was agenda driven or it would have simply been adopted children instead of the way it read.I don't know about the results of the survey but I do know a child with 2 parents that love him/her is far better than any other situation regardless of the sex of the parents.


  6. I totally agree and that was the point *I* was making. However, the thread has now spiraled into all you sinners will know your wrongs when you meet your maker. Can't have an intelligent conversation with people like that. Common sense goes completely out of the window when you bring religion into the equation.


  7. The thing that people on both sides of any religious argument have to realize/remember that all religion is based on faith. So those with faith see it one way and those without see it another, and never the twain shall meet.

    It is stupid i my opinion to argue it either way. If you want to share your belif with another that is willing then go get em but I don't get how trying to force feed their belief or lack thereof to anyone has or will ever work.


  8. I'm not really concerned with making them believe the way I do. I just want them to see that this thing they believe in so wholeheartedly preaches intolerance and in some denominations, hatred. I can agree to disagree. I just don't understand why that makes me uneducated. I've read the bible, the torah and the koran (have all three making nice on my bookshelf). If I'm curious about something I don't take anyone's word for it. I actually do my homework. It pains me that these people follow so blindly and very few have actually taken the time to read the bible cover to cover.


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