So it happened…

I don’t know why I’ve been holding this news so tightly. I’ve known about it for a few weeks now but, I can barely say it out loud for fear that the moment I do, it will not be real. But I think I should tell you because I’ve been bitching and moaning about it for soooo long that it’s only fair that my meager number of blog readers know what’s going on with my publishing efforts.

So hear goes…

My novel  In her Closet (known here as Her Haberdashery) has been accepted for publication! I don’t have any real specifics yet except that it will be pubbed in early 2011 by eXcessica. I’m joining the likes of Sommer Marsden and Saskia Walker so I’m very much excited (and a little gobsmacked) at having been chosen for publication. I’m still in the beginning stages and I’m not sure I should even be mentioning it here but I signed a contract so, in my mind, that makes it offical!

I’z published now!!!

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