Finally…done das editz!

Yes, das ebil editz is done on The Undoing of Langston Black. What is the Undoing of Langston Black you ask? It’s a project that I’ve been working on for quite sometime. It’s a story a wrote some time ago that has gone through various chop jobs. The reason for most of these edits is that after I wrote it, I began shopping it around to see who and what audience it would appeal to. Unfortunately at the time I was seeking mainstream acceptance–a pursuit that I find laughable and quite sad some two years later but, that was my aim when I first wrote this story. Like a stupid, I didn’t keep more than one copy of the original and brilliant (*cough*amateur!) first draft. I find it humorous that I attempted to edit out the ‘naughty bits’ to make it more ‘mainstream’. I submitted the flat lifeless version to several publishers only to be turned down. I wasn’t too terribly surprised by the rejections. Without the naughty bits, the story, quite  frankly, sucks. But it contains some themes that are labeled ‘unfavorable’ even with the most liberated presses. And what I’m talking about is under aged sex–to be more specific–under aged sex from the male POV when the male is much older and the female at the age of consent.

Let’s get this straight. I don’t condone pedophilia. I myself am a victim of sexual abuse and I realize how reading something that references a particularly painful experience in some one’s life can be hurtful. But speaking for myself, I don’t hold any sort of physical or psychological scars from my experience other than the fact that I am FIERCELY protective of my children. My boys may NEVER participate in a sleepover at any house other than mine because of this but, other than that, there are no other direct effects I can see in my life. And like all writers, I find writing to be a sort of catharsis at times. When I wrote this I may have been feeling some anxiety about my young sons growing up and wanting to go out in the world away from me and that’s why these themes resurfaced, I don’t know. What I do know is that they are topics that deserve to be explored. Topics that we shouldn’t cringe from because of political correctness. I hope that when this story finally emerges from my beta reader’s hands and is made public, you faithful readers–all twelve of you–will give it a read.

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