Week two, NaNo update…

I fully intended to do an update last week but some craziness occurred at the end of the week, that has carried over into this one, which prevented me from doing so. I’ve hit the midway point, meaning I have about 20,000 words written and I’ve hit the offical ‘conflict’ of the book…which is where I’ve been stuck for the last day or so. This portion introduces a new character who’s still somewhat of a mystery to me so I’m kinda muddling through like, oh, this may be who this guy is kinda sorta maybe. It’s not working out too well, so I’m going to take a break today to do some character sketches and make this guy more real.

This week was a pretty rough week. Hubs recieved some rather unsettling job news that may put us back into financial upheaval for a few months. Son #1 is falling behind in school (honeymoon period is officially over!). And I can’t seem to get a full night’s sleep without the aid of a nightcap or sleep aids.

But, enough about that. That’s just this week. It’s Friday. This week is over. Starting fresh on Sunday.

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