End of the month wrap-up

Wow, January flew by!

I’m glad but, surprised that I’m already a month into the new year and still on track with my personal writing goals. I set out to have my erotic novel, Having it both ways, written and published by March 31 and I’m on target to make that happen. At around 50k and in much need of a good editing, the story is beginning to wind down toward the ending and I’m glad. And I’m glad that my next project isn’t going to be erotic. Don’t get me wrong. Writing about da seks is fun but, I’m starting to feel a bit burnt out with this manuscript. It has dark, emotional edge to it that is mentally taxing. I’m proud of what I’ve written but, I can’t wait to be done with it. Right now my mind is a little all over the place on this and I’m writing out of sequence so it’s hard to say *how* close to an ending I might be. I’m hoping within the week. Itching to get this thing done and edited.

Next in the slot is a paranormal story that I hope will be the start of a series. I’ve already done some outlining on it and I’m excited to write it. It’s actually a more beefed up version of a character I already created and liked. I’m glad I get to use her again.

On the home front, things are the same as always. Hubs is still in the suck but, the kids are doing better in school so, that’s a plus. Son numba 1 has a girlfriend who he may or may not have kissed. Yes, I find this disturbing. I don’t want to think about it too much. One of my uncles bought a copy of my book today via Amazon. While I’m glad family memembers are showing interest it makes me a bit nervous. Hope he enjoys it.

Well, that’s it for the wrap up. Not much but, I’m feeling motivated in the progress I’m making so far.

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