February 2011–End of month wrap-up

So here I am at the end of the month and I’m sad to say, I’m about to miss my own deadline. I do have an *excuse*–two bouts of flu for the whole lot of us is one but, the others or business related. I’m having a bit of writer’s block (*cough*procrastination!) on my current WIP, Having it Both Ways. The story is mostly told but, when I read it I feel the need to add more conflict. So I’m printing and editing *again*. I’m having a difficult time with this tale. Toeing the line between angst and whiny is difficult. I know that I will probably end up carving most of it out in the editing process, IF I ever make it to that point. *eyeroll* I’m trying not to be too hard on myself but, it’s freaking annoying. I wanted to have this out in time for to ride the coattails of In Her Closet (one more month! squeee!). I still believe that I can make that happen but, it will probably end up being April 31 instead of March 31. As Zoe Winters says, slow down, the tortoise won.

I’m also distracted by a bright and shiny idea. Not to mention just life in general. Things are a bit chaotic over here and I find myself struggling to keep up. I really should be accustomed to the chaos but, it still catches me be surprise sometimes.

Anyways, here’s a teeny-tiny, little excerpt from the current WIP, Having it Both Ways.

I can’t stop thinking about you, dangling from that tether on the wall. Scared. Helpless. Vulnerable. Exposed. Ready and wet to take our fingers, mouth, tongue, cock. How you came–shuddering, convulsing, eyelids fluttering, eyes rolling back in your skull–sweet exorcism. I know he has been thinking about it as I much as I have. Which is exactly what brings the two of us here.


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