So everything is on target for In Her Closet to be published on May 27th. Blog tours have been booked. Files have been formatted and, in some cases, uploaded to my designated vendors. Now all I have to do is wait….
Can you tell I’m excited? Yeah, really excited. Pardon me while I do a few cartwheels.

In addition to prepping for publication (don’t you love that alliteration?) I’ve received the edits for Having it Both Ways from my super secret editor friend (btw, he’s not so secret. If you need help in this department I’d be glad to pass along his info). I’m feeling some kinda way about finally having these edits in my hand. I actually debated leaving the manuscript at the UPS store for a few days and when I got it home, I didn’t open it for a long while…like nearly 12 hours. Yes, I’m a punk. My center is soft and squishy like a twinkie. I do not deny these things. I did eventually open the damn thing. And yes…it was as bad as I anticipated. But a funny little thing happened when I began reading his notes. Even though the book is full of fragments and repetitive phrases (eep!), I feel thankful to have this sort of person in my life. I’ve been writing in a vacuum for far too long and it now someone is in here with me and I don’t feel so isolated anymore.
So thank you, super sekrit editor friend. 

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