Lots of balls in the air…#wipwednesday

I know I should be posting more. I know this. I’m just busy. EXTREMELY BUSY. And also, I have an ear infucktion from hell but, per usual, there is no time for mommies to be sick so I’ll suck it up and drive on.


In a few short weeks (three to be exact) my erotic novel In Her Closet will be released. The blog tour is in place and my days writing blog posts for book blogs and answering interview questions. I’m pretty busy, which is good because if I wasn’t I would be sick with worry about the release. I’m also doing some final edits on Switch which will be released the same day. It’s a companion novella to In Her Closet and I hope it will give some deeper insight into Alexa DeCosta who plays a large role in the third book in the series, Having it Both Ways which I’m editing right now and boy howdy, is that a lot of work.

Here’s a little excerpt from Switch:

This is what I want to happen…
It’s the middle of the night or maybe the wee hours of the morning and you are at my door pressing the bell impatiently. I am slightly grumpy having been disturbed from a deep sleep. I open the door. The night is balmy. A light breeze blows, ruffling your gorgeous hair. You’ll say, “I know it’s late.” Then with a hesitant smile you’ll ask, “May I come in?” I’ll step aside and you’ll step across the threshold, brushing against me as you pass.
You’ll be wearing that dress I love. That flirty, fifties housewife dress. The one you wearing the night we met. It was navy blue with tiny white polka dots and a full skirt that belled out from your lovely waist. You also wore stockings that night. Not the kind that you find in the supermarket in egg shaped containers or sealed in cellophane with packaging that boasts its ability to flatten your tummy or slim your thighs and ass. These were real stockings. The kind you wear with garters. The kind with the lace that hugs the soft skin of your thighs and has a single, dark seam that runs from your ankle all the way up the length of your leg.
So goddamn sexy…
You were sending all kinds of signals to me that night. Your mouth was full of quick, witty, sarcastic remarks but the way your eyes traveled the length of my body told me things you didn’t want to admit. That dress and your hair and all those little things that are so stereotypically femme and submissive were an open invitation. I knew you would let me come inside. You wore a crinoline under that dress made of frothy tulle. It made finding your pussy an adventure. I relive that moment with you pressed against the wall, with those sensual sounds echoing all around us. I replay the moment when you came with your mouth on my neck–puddling in my hand, moaning on my skin.
But let’s get back to my daydream…
We’ll stand in my foyer under the dim overhead light. “What are you doing here?” I will ask. “I had to see you,” you’ll reply. Then you will look up at me in that seductively innocent way you have of looking up through your lashes and slowly close the distance between us. We’ll look into each other’s eyes. I love your hazel eyes. It’s part of what makes your beauty so startling–those crazy, cat eyes that nearly blend with your warm brown complexion. I could stare into them for hours. Memorizing the nearly imperceptible flecks of green and gold that cause them to change with your mood.  
You’ll be nervous and when you’re nervous, you lick your lips. No, that’s not right–you don’t lick both lips, just the top one. And I’ll know you’re nervous when you show up at my door because you’ll lick your top lip over and over then you’ll slip your little hand around my waist. Slip it under the thin fabric of the tank top that I always sleep in and slide it around to the small of my back where you let it rest timidly. You’ll curl your other hand around the back of my neck as you rise up on tip toe to bring your soft lips to meet mine. Your kiss will be hesitant at first–as if you not sure if this is what you want. Or maybe on some level you are afraid that I might reject you or that you have somehow gotten the wrong signals from me. This hesitation will only last a few moments because my lips will part releasing a satisfied moan and welcome your tongue. 
Coming May 27….
Is your appetite whet yet?

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