Release day!(times two)

Finally! Today is release day for my erotic novel, In Her Closet and the companion novella, Switch! It was a long journey to get to this moment and I’m so happy to finally have this book published and out in the world. Now for some pimpage…:)

Fresh off of a night of anonymous sex we join, Yves Santiago on the curb for a cigarette. Yves is a self-proclaimed slut who vows to live her life as carelessly as a man and make no apologies for any of it–though her meddling mother and ex-fiancé seem intent on making it difficult for her to do so. She’s determined to avoid anything that looks even remotely like love and escapes most encounters with her heart and her pride intact.

 Then she meets Elijah Weinstein…
Elijah saunters in like a dream proclaiming to be the next great love of her life–a declaration that Yves finds ridiculous, though it doesn’t make him any less enticing. With his mossy green eyes, broad, sun-kissed shoulders and a mouth so sensual that it should have an NC-17 rating, Elijah Weinstein is damn near irresistible. She willingly accepts his challenge, certain she will be able to get what she wants without relinquishing her heart.

The moment she kissed Yves Santiago, Alexa DeCosta knew that the experience they shared would not be soon forgotten. What she didn’t know was that Yves would become her newest obsession. One that she will go to any length to obtain, including giving something that she hasn’t given to anyone in years–her trust.

I’m also taking a tour through blogland. The first stop is Book Junkie on May 30! Stop by to find out how you can win a KINDLE!

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