Playing catch up…

It’s been about two weeks since the release of my first full length novel and blog tour and I’m still feeling a bit shell shocked. Don’t get me wrong, it was fun and I feel really accomplished right now but, it was really draining so I just had to take some time off to think and refuel. Some good things have come from the days I took off but, some irritating habits have resurfaced also–to be specific, self-doubt.

I know every writer goes through this–I know this but, more than once I wanted to unpublish this book. And as luck would have it, when I was feeling the strongest inclination to do just that, I come across my first review on Goodreads. And it was four whole stars. *BIG STUPID GRIN* I can’t help shouting, Yay! Some read my booky wook and they actually liked it!!!

So instead of unpublishing my book, I’m playing catch up on all the writing I *should* have been doing while I was having a big mope. Thank you, Darci Lenker!

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