Goals and Progress

Over the weekend, I decided to do a mid-year assessment of my Writing Goals for 2011 to see how much progress I’ve made and also to see where I want to go from here.

My first goal was to edit and publish In Her Closet and Switch. Yup. I did that. My time table for it was a bit off and I’m seeing some things that I did wrong as far as promotion goes but, all in all, I feel that it was a success.
The second goal on my list was to write the follow up novel to In HerCloset, Having it Both Ways. I wrote it but…it sucks. Something is seriously wrong with it and it’s going to take me some time to figure out. Unfortunately, that pushes back my publication time line as I wanted to have this done, edited and published by August 1st. Barring some great epiphany that shows me how to work out the kinks, I don’t think that’s going to happen.
My third goal was to work on my paranormal series starting with the first book/novella Photagraphie. That didn’t work out they way that I planned. I spent a lot of time taking notes and creating timelines for the series but, there is so much world-building going on with this that I’m still not quite ready to sit down and write it. I’m hoping to get to it before the end of the year and write at least one book in the series. 
In place of my third goal, I’m working on a new project, Beatitudes. It’s a rewrite and I’ve already added about 14k to the original story. It’s shaping up pretty nicely and it’s been fun revisiting these characters and giving them a good work out. It’s also fun to see how much my writing has grown since I first wrote it.
So minus a bit of a speed bump, I’m on track to meet my goal of publishing three novels this year! Going indie was a huge decision and I’m still adjusting to the surprising amount of work it involves but, I like that I have total control of how things turn out. I’m still on the fence about going the traditional route. It’s hard to say that I will never submit anything else to a traditional publisher again but, I do know that when or if I do, I can use the knowledge that I’m gathering now to help me watch the market and choose which story would sell.
Going forward I would like to streamline my editing process a bit more. I feel like it takes me too long to edit if I write out the whole story and then go back to edit. I’m trying out the 50 page edit to see how that fits. 
Speaking of which…time to get back to that!

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