Six Sentence Sunday–In da club

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by last Sunday and commented on my six! 

Last week’s Six found Yves in “The Dip” where she has just zeroed in on her prey–“shy boy” that she pulls out onto the dance floor. 

I slide through the crowd and take his hand, drawing him out into my dance. A dancehall mix of Bob Marley’s Reaction is pulsing from the speakers. ‘Talkin’ ‘bout reaction…Talkin’ ‘bout attraction’, Bob sings.

His hands find my hips and my hands trace the contours of his chest. A smile comes to his lips as our eyes meet, deep dimples hollowing out each cheek. He has a sweet face, almost innocent. He takes my hands to drape my arms around his neck and when his hands find my hips again, it’s to pull me in closer, tighter… 

Be sure to stop by Six Sentence Sunday to read the other contributions to this Sunday’s Six. And if you’re a writer, find out how you can contribute!

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