After much deliberation…

I decided to unpublish Switch. There was just too much story left to tell from Alexa’s POV and I want to do her character justice. Also, I think that it will be important to develop her character in this story for HBW. Honestly, there will probably be so much overlap that I’m not sure how it’s all gonna work out. I’ve never read a series that was mapped out the way this one has unfurled in my mind. I hope it’s a new and fresh idea and not a WTF kind of idea.

I still haven’t made any decision about what to do with the chunk of writing from Elijah’s POV. That may end up being the story I offer for free in this series. 

So in summary, Switch is unpublished. Hopefully I’ll be done the rewrite by the end of September. Going to work on both of these stories together to see if I can get them both finished. 

Gah, who works like this? All this indecision is making my head hurt. Time for some margaritas…

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