Do these socks make me look sexy?: Sommer Marsden, Guest Blog

7 thoughts on “Do these socks make me look sexy?: Sommer Marsden, Guest Blog”

  1. It's weird the differences a Y-chromosome can make. Socks on a woman is totally cool. Socks on a man…meh…I don't think it's only because I'm hetero, either. In essence, I love the same style that you do, Sommer. Lingerie's pretty and all, but for me it's just trying too hard…”look at me…I said LOOK AT ME!”. That's the lingerie talking, by the way, not the person wearing it. I dig a nice white singlet that's only just maintaining a token effort at clothing a woman. Mmm… And workout gear. Lordy, don't get me started!

    But to answer the question, I think I feel best when I'm in jeans only, or as a secondary option, anything that allows me to feel the breeze on the insides of my thighs…


  2. Oo, I want it. Maybe it'll be a reward for when I finally get all this horrible work done.

    Also: long socks and shirt tails – am thinking I flirted with you without realising it in that Dirtyville story!


  3. I agree that nothing but socks on a woman=hot
    on a man=not

    lol 😉 i prefer my men naked. But there's something about a guy in the dead of winter with his jeans or sweats riding low on his hips, a big pair of wool hunting socks on and some kind of guy tee or sweatshirt that says: Yum-o.

    Where you been, Jo? i hope you get your work done soon! 🙂

    I bet you look smoking in a men's shirt, Cassie 😉

    Thanks for having me again, T. You rock.



  4. Sommer – are you sure we weren't separated at birth? Or at least twins in a former life? That is my favourite look. It's comfortable, sexy, rumpled and (this is the most important part) fits me. LOL.

    It's also affordable – lingerie in plus sizeds never fits right unless it's custom made, and who's got the scratch for that?

    And yes, I LOVE socks. Ironically enough tho – I can't wait for the warm weather so I can get OUT of them.


  5. Gasp! out of them? I am relishing the fact that we finally have a real chill and I am able to whip them out…um…so to speak. 😉

    I also do not like lingerie b/c my skin is super sensitive and a good amount of it is itchy and uncomfy. lol.



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