A random bit of filthiness from the #WIP

Second drafts are agonizing but sometimes…they can be damn fine.

“Eli!” Yves gasped as Elijah dipped lower to delicately tongue her ass.  

“Is this always going to be off limits?” he asked. He gave the tight rim of muscles the softest kiss and she squirmed under his mouth as he tongued her again. 

“I need to know because I really want to fuck you there.”

Yves whimpered as a confusing frission of emotions tore through her. The thought of him fucking her there terrified her. Elijah was a well-built man and all of him was generously proportioned. All she could think of was the pain, how much it would hurt to have him penetrate her there. And the dirtiness of it–she felt a little repulsed by the thought. Or did she? She couldn’t decide if that was how she thought she should feel or if repulsion was what she really felt. But in this moment, with the rigid tip of his tongue breaching that clenched ring of muscles just the tiniest bit, all she felt was a deep hungry wanting. 

“I know it scares you but, I promise…when you’re ready? I’ll be gentle.” He probes her with his tongue again. “So, so, so gentle,” he whispered. “And I’ll fuck your ass so sweetly.”

“Oh my god,” she whispered, fingers fisting in the sheets as his tongue worked her, his words unraveled her apprehension, his hands pushed her thighs wider so he could have more access. He slid his hand up her body and slipped his pinky finger into her mouth. She sucked it wetly. The minstrations of her tougue pulled a low gravely moan from him that vibrated through her.

“Good girl,” he whispered. He rewarded her good behavior by covering her pussy with his hot mouth, sucking greedily as his fingers delved into her squelching wetness–his moist pinky finger drifted further south. “And I promise…we’ll start real slow.”

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