#WIPWEDNESDAY New Release and an excerpt!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. Apparently I have a story published in an antho that I’ totally forgot about. Well, I won’t say forgot. It slipped my mind with all that I have going on here but, yes! I haz words published in Heartache, the latest antho from eXcessica! My short story The Best Laid Plans is snuggled in next to quite a few awesome writers–Willsin Rowe, Selena Kitt, and Giselle Renard, to name a few. 

(click through to purchase)

Here’s an excerpt of my story, The Best Laid Plans

I was going to ambush him. Accost him at his doorstep wearing a sinfully short skirt, murderously high heels and glossy suck-your-cock lipstick. I was going to greet him with a smile and a kiss and then go down on him in that tiny closet that his building calls an elevator. I was gonna let him treat me like a whore. Let him spank me. Let him fuck me so hard and so deep that I would swear that I could taste the salty, sweetness of his cum as he pumps his heat into me. I was gonna let him act out his darkest fantasies. Let him defile me.

Yes, that was the plan and it was a damn good one, too. But you know what they say about the best laid plans–somewhere there is a man who will find a way to fuck them up.

For starters, he didn’t come home at the usual time. And when I call him, he says that he’s working late and won’t be able to see me. But ten minutes later, he rounds the corner arm in arm with the girl from the corner grocery. She’s all done up like the whore I’m pretending to be and it looks so much better on her. Lil’ black dress barely covering her cunt. Long legs encased in silky, thigh high stockings. Small red cupid’s bow of a mouth with a deviant little smile tucked in the corner. Creamy pale skin and heavy bangs hiding captivating, almond eyes. She is the embodiment of the purpose behind every diet, every stupid haircut, every trendy outfit I’ve ever bought. 

As an aside, this is one of my raunchier stories. Still not exactly sure where it came from. Hope you enjoy it!

Sadly, I don’t have much to report on the current WIP. I’ve been a bit sidetracked by some unfortunate events on this end. My pup Cassius became very ill just after New Years. My usually boisterous, happy pup hasn’t been able to keep down more than two meatball sized amounts of food for weeks now. He’s dropped a startling 15 pounds in three weeks. He’s weak and sad and even with a buttload of medication to take each day, he’s only showing small improvements. Yesterday he was close to his old self while playing with Son #2 and the hubs but this morning he woke up a little nauseous and not really all that interested in his food. 

Anyway, I haven’t been writing much. Some editing and few words here and there but mostly I’m just taking  care of my sweet pup right now. I can’t focus on much else besides worrying about him right now.

That’s pretty much all I have to report!



Update: He just went in and ate his food. I put some cheese on it. It always helps to cheese it! 🙂

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