#wipwednesday–Pantster turned plotter…who knew?


Up until few months ago, I was the sort of writer who didn’t plot my stories–also known as a pantster. I had all these fanciful ideas about letting my stories develop organically through a sort of stream of conscientiousness,  free writing that allowed my ideas to take shape. Sound hokey and ridiculous? That’s because it was. Now I’m not speaking for anyone but myself when I say this but, writing by the seat of my pants isn’t natural for me. My stories are largely character driven (with the exception of The Undoing of Langston Black). To me, character driven stories require an intimate knowledge of the characters.I didn’t have that as a pantster. I just had a vague idea of who the character was but I had no idea what her motivations were. I have written myself into a corner more often than I like to admit and it has often resulted in the story being set aside for however long it takes me to write my way out of it.

But no more!

I am now a PLOTTER!

I have to admit that it is probably a very loose interpretation of the word. Largely it consists of really in depth character lists/charts which force me to answer questions about my character that I would never consider. When I write out my characters experiences, mannerisms, personality etc. it makes it easier to decide what she would do or how she would react to certain situations. And my god, it’s so much easier knowing before hand than it is to try and figure it out as I go along. I find myself thinking, gah, why didn’t I do this before! It really has changed the way I write and if you can’t tell, I’m super excited about it. I’m completing a character chart for each of the characters in the PNR/Horror Romance I mentioned a few weeks back and I’m learning so much about the characters.

So from now on, I am officially a plotter!


So finished reading Amanda StevensThe Kingdom, #2 in her Graveyard Queen series. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It still has all the creepiness of a southern gothic novel but some of the plot feels a bit overwrought. Sure it explains Amelia’s background and we find out who her mother is and why she can see ghosts but I meh, something about it feels weird. Maybe I’m supposed to feel that way, I don’t know. I wasn’t sold on the attraction between Thane and Amelia either. I actually think this book could have been good without that romantic element or if it was used, create more of a link between it and the attraction between Amelia and Devlin. It also kinda has the feel of a filler book–just a bridge between book 1, The Restorer and book 3, The Prophet (due out April 24). None of this makes me feel apprehensive about reading The Prophet though. At least The Prophet will have more Devlin :). Mmm…Devlin.

Next on the #amreading list is Stacia Kane’s Sacrificial Magic! 

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