On the Run…

You probably don’t know this about me but, I used to be a runner. And when I say runner I mean it in the most serious and sincere way. I ran track in middle school and high school. I then joined the Army where it was literally part of my job to run. All together it was something like 25 years of running every day and ultimately, that was my downfall. I pulled my hip flexor my senior year and that hip was never the same. I re-injured that same hip while in the Army but even that didn’t put my running shoes on the shelf. I hate to say this but, the thing that permanently grounded these winged feet was my pregnancy with Son #2. It was really rough. I gained 65 lbs. At one point, I pulled a muscle in my belly and couldn’t walk for several weeks. Carrying him was hell on my body, especially my hips. While I lost the weight after having him, I never really got back into running again. It just hurt too much. It hurt in a way that I wasn’t used to but, that all changed recently. I started running again. 

It’s a slow start (really slow) but I’m finally up to running 2-3 miles non-stop. It feels great and has given me the courage to set some goals as far as running goes. My oldest son’s interest in running track has also helped that along. 

So here goes…

My running goals for the remainder of 2012 are as follows: From now until the end of July build up my long slow distance endurance (LSD) I want to be able to run three miles without stopping or feeling over tired. That seem impossible for those of you that don’t run but coming from someone who averaged six miles a day before people have breakfast, it’s not really a big deal. During this time, I hope my running actually translates into some serious weight loss. I don’t eat poorly so the only thing I really need to do is move more. I want to lose 25 pounds by the end of August, that will leave me fit but not skinny. I think that’s perfectly reasonable. To do this I will run three times a week with my son and my dog. I want to get us both to at least a 10 minute mile pace before I start speed and interval training in August.

Our long term goal will be full and half marathons but, I’m thinking that running a couple of 5k and 10ks next summer will be good for both of us. At the very least, this will be a bonding experience. It’s so hard to get him interested in something that doesn’t involve a screen so I’m hoping this is it. 

Wish me luck!


P.S. If any of youse are runners, give me some tips! 

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