Brain fart or brain blast….?

Honestly I don’t know at this point but, I need to get these fuckers out of my head so, this is the solution I came up with…

I’m going to make Having it Both Ways a blog serial. 

I can’t seem to finish this novel. I love the characters and where all of it’s going but, I constantly have these moments of crisis where I think it’s complete and utter, trite bullshit. So I’m hoping this is the remedy for all that. 

Starting next Sunday (July 22)–which from here on out will be referred to as Sunday, Smutty Sunday–I will begin posting HBW here*. I’ll try to keep the posts between 1 and 2k but, sometimes it will be over that if the scene hasn’t been completed. Also, if you haven’t read In Her Closet you might not know these characters or understand why I’m obsessed with them. With that in mind, I would like to give all of you an opportunity to snatch IHC up for free. 

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