Deciding to serialize Having it Both Ways was probably the best thing I could have done for my muse. (The serial begins this coming Sunday, Smutty Sunday, btw.) I have been laboring over that story for longer than I would like to admit–writing, rewriting and cutting out large chunks in hopes that it will tighten up plot. It was driving me insane! I felt like I couldn’t focus on anything else until it was done. I’ve never really had that feeling before and it was a bit disconcerting. But once I decided to serialize it, the weight was lifted. Since I made the decision, I have three fairly solid ideas percolating which I have been writing on simultaneously. Now that might sound a bit nuts but, I feel more comfortable working this way. Mostly because I don’t get bored because there is always something different to work on. I even wrote short blurbs on all of them! Crazy, right? 

Anyway, here’s a little taste of what I’ve been doing on the #amwriting front:

A Place Sweet and Dark (erotic suspense?, thriller, romance?)

Growing up in foster care taught Elodie one valuable lesson that she would never forget: you can’t depend on anyone but yourself. She learned to get by on her own using her street smarts and her beauty, the only thing her biological parents ever gave her and she did pretty well on her own…until she met Giovanni.

Aged out of the foster care system and left with nothing but the street smarts he garnered hopping from home to home, Giovanni was a kindred spirit. He promised to love and adore her always and she gave her self to him–mind, body and soul.

Together they came up with a bigger hustle with higher stakes but, in the end, they would have the means to create something neither of them have ever had in their lives–a home to call their own.

FYI, this is just a rough synopsis. Right now it reads a little lighter than the story is shaping up to be. There’s violence, drug use/distribution and of course sex and this is not a love story. If you’ve read my novella The Undoing of Langston Black, you have an accurate idea of the tone of this story. 

Make it Right

They were childhood friends and high school sweethearts…

But for Donovan Phillips, Zoriah Nelson will always be the one who got away. And now that he was about finally putting an end to a long and loveless marriage, he can’t seem to get her off his mind. He feels guilty about the way things ended between them. Late one night while playing around on facebook he comes across her profile and decides to send her a friend request. He doesn’t expect her to respond but after typing out a long over due apology, he hopes that she will give him the chance to make it right.  

It has been 15 years since Zoriah Nelson has seen or heard from Donovan Phillips and she would have been perfectly happy keeping it that way. He broke her heart. She never forgave him…and tragically–she never stopped loving him either. For years she has successfully covered that love with anger and even found a way to love again…until she opened her facebook account and found a message from him. His heartfelt apology hit her right between the ribs. It was all she ever wanted. But she was engaged now to a man who loved her in a way she never imagined. With her wedding just weeks away, did she want to take the risk of losing it all to give Donovan a chance to make things right.

This is my sweet, angsty romance. I love how this is shaping up which is surprising because it seems as if it’s going to have a textbook happy ending! Of course, I never really know or understand the dark and twisty corners of my mind so that may change before I reach the end.

Between Sisters

Like the prodigal son, Salome Rysing is returning to her childhood home in Greenville, South Carolina. She is welcomed by her vicious and meddling older sister Rashida and her father, Deacon Rysing whom she hasn’t spoken to since he put her out at the age eighteen. Then there’s Judah, her brow beaten, emasculated brother-in-law whose pain and unrest she feels so acutely that it can’t be good for them to spend any time together.

Jealousy and animosity have kept Salome and her sister apart in the past. It seems that pattern will continue no matter how much Salome wants to change it. But when tragedy strikes the family, they all have to come together and share something besides harsh words between the two sisters.

This is actually a rewrite of a novel I wrote a few years ago. I’m not entirely sure if I can make it into something salable (who am I kidding, nothing I write is salable! LOL). There were three sisters in this story when I first wrote it but I decided to edit one out so that I could focus on the core plot which centers around Salome, Rashida and Judah. This will probably take me a while but, I’m excited about it. I’m excited about all these ideas actually. I’ll keep you posted on how they all develop.

On the #amreading front…

Right now I’m reading Stacia Kane’s Chasing Magic. I read Sacrificial Magic in two days and rolled right into this one. I love this series. Chess and Terrible FTW!

I’m also reading a novel written by an lovely and amazing, erotica writer that I truly admire but it’s top secret so I can’t share it with you but, trust and believe…it’s fucking awesome! 

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