#wipwednesday.~Progress…I guess.

So for starters…to those of you who are reading #HBW, thanks so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying it and posting it here has helped me tightenup the manuscript but there I know I have a long way to go. The end product that I decide to publish may not look anything like this but at least now I know it has readability. 

The last few days my concentration has been for shit so Ihaven’t done a lot of writing. I think I may have written a total of one thousandwords in the last ten days but I have been thinking about the stories I’mwriting, so I guess that’s good. I’ve made some decisions about two of thestories I’ve been working on #HBW (which is a serial here) and A Place Sweetand Dark. I’ve decided that #HBW deserves a happily ever after. Moreover, I’mready to move on to the next chapter of their story and I think that wouldhappen quicker if I wrap this up nice and sweet with a big red bow.

I also decided that #APSAD needed to be told in first pastso a rewrite is in order. I really wish I could come to that realization beforeI was 15k in but hey, that’s the way my brain works. Guess I should just getover it and learn to work with it.

I’m still working on Between Sisters. At this point itreally just a read through and editing out of the one sister I decided not toinclude in the story.

On all other fronts there is nothing really to report. I’mnot reading anything currently. Mostly because I forgot my kindle in RVA.Thankfully I’ll be heading back up there this weekend so I can retrieve it.

Suddenly it feels like I have a lot to do. School is aboutto start soon and there are a lot of things in my personal life that I need toattend to. I feel in control of it right now but, it’s still very early in thegame. I have a feeling my writing is going to ground me and that’s a goodthing.



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