So we’re more than a month into Having it both Ways. Just this week we’re getting to the meat and potatoes of the story (the menage a trois bits). From here on out the pace picks up. I hope you all are enjoying the dirty, sexy tale. And don’t be afraid to comment! Authors love feedback, ya know…just saying.

I’ve been working on the ending of Having it Both Ways, trying to get it just right so there isn’t much to report for A Place Sweet and Dark. I have been taking notes though and Elodie is becoming a more solid character in my mind. Brahm on the other hand is a bit elusive. Hopefully I’ll have these two mostly fleshed out before I sit down to write with them again.

Nothing much to report other than I’m having trouble sleeping again. I guess you could say that I have insomnia. It’s not a the typical form of insomnia where I can’t fall asleep and stay awake for days and days. I fall asleep just fine. It’s staying asleep that’s difficult for me. I tend to fall asleep around ten or eleven only to wake again at 3:00am–the devil’s hour. I just turn over and find myself fully awake staring at my alarm clock. Any attempts at regaining sleep are usually futile but I try anyway, mostly because I know how tired I will be if I don’t get back to sleep. After about fifteen minutes or so of tossing and turning I usually give up and turn on the TV. 

This is where it gets interesting. 

I seem to wake up and turn on the TV at the beginning of the strangest and most beautiful movies during the devils hour. Sometimes they are weird films like “Rubber” that I don’t even want to talk about. But most of the time they are movies like After Fall, Winter, Produced by Eric Schaeffer and Another Earth, Produced by Mike Cahill

After Fall, Winter is one of those dark cinematic films with twisted fucked up characters with a story that ends unhappily. This one even has some BDSM that doesn’t feel entirely contrived. I loved it. 

Another Earth is categorized as sci-fi drama but it’s definitely light on the sci-fi and heavy on the drama. Think The Time Travelers Wife (but not as sappy romantic) or Investigation Bureau with more plot and heart. The ending was open-ended which made sense for the plot. Twas very, very good 🙂

Thanks for stopping by!


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