It’s done! It’s over. I can finally write THE END on Having it Both Ways! Woo Hoo! Yes, there are still some problems with it and will undoubtedly receive another deep edit but seriously, after two long years I can finally say it’s done! 

I’m not entirely sure why it took me so long to write this. I started writing it for NaNoWriMo. I had the whole thing plotted from beginning to end–the first time I ever did that–but when I began writing, I couldn’t seem to get past chapter 10. I put it aside, assuming the story just wasn’t ready to be written. I wrote a couple of short stories and one novella. I tinkered with it. I wrote the first book in my paranormal series. I tinkered with it. I stopped and started at least fifty other stories but still this novel was in the back of my head, nagging me. So somewhere around the fall of last year I decided to put my head down and really write this thing to completion. I wrote about seventy thousand words and wrote the end, giving it a HEA. Even as I sent it out to my super sekrit editor friend, I knew that I did it wrong. This was not the story. This was not how it was supposed to end, hell it didn’t even begin in the right place. When I got the notes back from him it only solidified that point. It was bleeding. So much red scribbled all over that it made me dizzy and anxious to look at it. I couldn’t even look at it. So I let the thing rest for a while. A LONG WHILE. I didn’t (couldn’t) write anything else, so I read. I read a lot. I wrote book reviews. I read how-to-books on structure, character development, plot development, self-publishing, branding blah, blah, blah. All the while this manuscript was in my desk drawer pounding like the telltale heart. I had to finish it. I felt like if I didn’t finish this book I would never finish writing another thing in my life. So I pulled it out of the drawer in April or May, I don’t remember which. I read it. I read my friends edits and scribbles and took them to heart then I rewrote it.

What started out as about 70k words is now 120k. True the manuscript is blotted and is going to require a lot of cutting–like I said, a deep edit but, for the first time since this idea came to mind I feel like this book is truly finished. 

So now I sit back and breath a sigh of relief, right?

No. Absolutely not. I’m going to do a quick edit THEN let it sit for a week–my mandatory time off period after finishing a story. A week from now I’ll start working on edits and some new words inspired by a pretty Suicide Girl named Milloux Suicide. Until then…enjoy the chapters as they post!


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