4 Novellas in 4 weeks, or how I do NaNoWriMo

My success rate with NaNoWriMo is crap. I’ve only managed to hit 50k word count which resulted in my erotic novel In Her Closet. That was in 2007. I’ve signed up every year since then and have yet to make that goal again. So this year I’ll try to do something a little different–4 novellas in 4 weeks.

I’ve had some trouble concentrating these days. Too many bright shiny ideas flickering in my peripheral vision and drawing my attention away from longer projects. My first idea was to dedicate this month to writing shorts…but I suck at writing shorts, lol. Novellas are right in the middle so that seemed like a good place to start. So quartering that 50k puts me at around 12k per novella. With these shorter works I plan to venture into some genres I’ve wanted to try, like gothic/paranormal, as well as some that I’ve only dabbled in before like thriller/mystery. During this project I’m giving myself permission to let my writing suck. I’m just going to get the new words on the screen and not worry about all the things I usually worry about when I’m writing. Just gonna write. Best case scenario, I end up with four good rough drafts. Worst case…there is no worst case. It’s a win-win situation. 🙂

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