Surprisingly, my interest in this project has not waned which says a lot. I’m not one for deadlines and word count restrictions so this is huge for me. This week I worked on Kisses–something that I sketched out as an erotic thriller or a pulp fiction type story. As I wrote, I began to realize that Kisses wouldn’t amount to more than a character study for the main character Jude. I’m totally ok with that. This character has been nesting in my head for quite sometime. I like her lots but taking a break to move on to a totally different character is sort of a relief. Getting inside of Jude is sorta scary. Think badass lady with an affinity for knives with more than a healthy dose of Dexter’s twisty, dark mind thrown in. *shivers* Still can’t decide if those chills are excitement or fear. Must mean I’m doing something right!

My next project will be On Her Skin and it will feature Julian from In Her Closet and Having it Both Ways. It’s my attempt at giving him a happily ever after…though it will not be easily earned with the likes of Agostina Malone. She got mo’ baggage than a little bit. Makes Yves seem like a cakewalk. I actually think this is more of a novel than a novella but I’m going to make an attempt at it these next seven days and write what I can.

I hope those of you who are doing NanoWriMo are hitting your goals! I’m discovering that #4novellasin4weeks is more about giving myself the freedom to explore and push and stretch my writer chops. Which, as it turns out, is more fun than trying to make the 50k word count!


Always be writing!

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