So it’s more than a week after thanksgiving…

And like those lingering leftovers in the fridge it’s time to clean house. Toss things out that have sat on the shelf past their expiration date or has been eaten to the point of disgust or general self loathing. I’m doing all of the above. Having it Both Ways has been pulled from this blog and I’m more than 75% through the first edit. I’ve already noticed a huge, gaping, San Andreas Fault in the story. My mind can’t even begin to wrap it’s way around fixing it so I choose to ignore it. (IT’S NOT THERE!!) I’ll come back to it later with fresh eyes….hopefully. But that whole manuscript has been like pulling deeply impacted wisdom teeth. I’m not in any hurry to do the rewrites that are needed. 

My #4novellas4weeks endeavor for NaNoWriMo was a success. I fell short of the word count. 46k to the necessary 50k to become a “winner” but I’ve won in other ways. With this project I have discovered a way to energize myself when I’m feeling the stumped in a particular story. It’s a method that I plan to employ liberally so like all things writerly, it was not a wasted venture. Not only that, it has helped me hash out some characters that have been nesting in my head for years which is another thing I’m immensely happy about. 

Yesterday afternoon I visited with one of my writerly friends, Aisling Weaver. In that visit, I realized how much I need and crave that sort of interaction. Talking about writing and being around people who understand the process is so fulfilling, reassuring and does wonders for writing in general. In this next year, I plan to do much, much more of that. I need it. 

So…going forward…I’m not going to make any promises going forward. My new mode of operation towards writing and life in general is to do what is right and feels good. Right now it feels good just to write. I don’t want to think about publication or what sells or whether or not I’m doing it “right”. I just want to write. I’l just keep writing until I get it right. 

xoxo, Tash

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