The good wife–flash fiction story

In light of Anthony Weiner’s recent sexting incident, this short short story I wrote for Sommer Marden’s Dirtyville titled “The Good Wife” seems appropriate.

Everyone is talking about his wife and wondering, how could she stay with a man who disrespects her that way? But that’s just what everyone is assuming right? That’s she’s this loving, enduring, GOOD WIFE. But what if she’s the one behind all of this? What if this is a D/s relationship and she MADE him do these things?

Twisted right?

That’s the way my mind works…heh.

Without further ado….

“The Good Wife”

“City Councilman Caught with his pants down”…reads the headline on the front page of their small town newspaper.

The article reads:

Greenville Democratic City Councilman, Patrick Dillon held a small press conference today to discuss the charges brought against him this past Friday by the Greenville Police Department.

The Councilman was charged with public indecency and lewd and lascivious conduct with the 23 year old bartender of Sharkey’s Bar on Main Street in downtown Greenville.

“My actions were deplorable and without excuse,” said the Councilman. “I regret that I have shamed my wife and the city with these disgraceful acts.”

The councilman goes on to say that he will retire as city councilman at the end of the current term. A young upstart by the name of Phillip Tomlin is predicted to campaign against Councilman Dillon’s Republican rival, Denver Stratton for the seat.

The councilman was accompanied by his wife, Garcelle Dillon, who stood faithfully at his side as he admitted to his infidelity. When asked about her unflappable support, Councilman Dillon had this to say about his wife:

“Garcelle is an honest, faithful and good wife. She is my number one supporter. I regret that I have shamed and disappointed her in this way.”

But an article is only a brief summation of what was said and interpreted at the moment. It is factual but only can only be true to the facts that are presented.

For instance, it makes no mention of the sadistic smile Garcelle Dillon hid by keeping her head lowered the duration of the Councilman’s speech. The article also fails to mention Councilman’s Dillon’s cock straining against the fly of his expensive Armani suit pants; pulsing slightly at the words, deplorable, shamed and disgraceful. Most likely in anticipation of the reward or punishment for his performance behind the podium.

Nor could the article give a detailed, accurate description of what happened in the alley on that Friday night.

It couldn’t speak of the earnestness in Councilman Dillon’s face as his mouth suckled at the cock of the young, darkly handsome bartender (as yet unnamed); frantically pulling at his own cock, hoping to reach climax before they were caught.

It didn’t report how Garcelle Dillon lurked in the shadows, murmuring to her husband. Whispering things like dirty, pathetic, ass-whore and filthy, cock hungry, cum bucket. We couldn’t see her lust hooded eyes absorbing the scene while she recorded it on her iphone. A recording that will no doubt surface on some anonymous YouTube channel to be downloaded, viewed and posted to various blogs ad nauseam until the public tired of it. We wouldn’t see her free hand methodically circling one erect nipple beneath the silk of her shirt nor would the reporter be aware of that the crotch of her panties grew wet and clingy against her cunt as she watched.

No…no one would see or read about any of that.

The public would only get the headline, “Councilman caught with his pants down”, and they will all shake their heads; voicing their disgust at a man who can’t keep it in his pants. They sympathize with a woman; shamed and disgraced by her husband’s wayward cock. Never assuming that this was a scene was her of own design. Never imagining that the disgraced Councilman is the cuckold of the ‘good wife’ and those Armani suits hide the stripes administered by a relentless and sadistic mistress. They look at him, a fine, upstanding, Democrat. Campaigning in the south on morality and the importance of family values while in his bedroom his ‘good wife’ fucks him. Thrusting deep while smacking his ass until it glows cheery red, making him come on her slick, black dildo. Ordering him to drop to his knees and suck the cock of the pretty bartender (still unnamed).

She never intended for him to get caught but the arrest presented a new layer of humiliation that she’d never considered. Not to mention, it served as a catalyst ripening the political climate for the election of someone like her…wife of a wayward husband; a good wife who stood by his side despite the scandal.

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