Confessions of a failed romance novelist

So this…
What to say about this?
The fact that she thought it would be so easy is insulting. Romance is probably one of the most difficult genres to write because the entire book hinges on the relationship between hero and heroine–I’m talking straight romance here, not any of the subgenres. I’m talking about a story that has no explosions, international intrigue, gory ghouls and ghosts. Nothing but the emotions, thoughts and feelings between a two people. THAT IS YOUR PLOT. Oprah can’t fix for you. Tom Cruise can’t fix it for you. Not even with his witchcraft. It’s just you, the author, making wordsauce out of this intangible thing called “feelings”. That’s incredibly difficult to write. I wish people would realize that.

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I became Beverly Bush in November 2014. Beverly wrote a romance novel about a student and her professor. Eventually, the student dropped out and had to work in a brothel because of her dire financial situation, but the professor rescued her (it turned out his brother owned the brothel!), and then it got a little 50 Shades, but there was also an evil ex who looked like Cruella De Vil, so right before things worked out for good there was lots of trouble.

I created Beverly because I needed a job.

The idea to become a romance novel writer was inspired by a friend’s success. Interested in experimenting with self-publishing, and on a dare, she took a pseudonym and wrote a romance novel. She loaded it into Amazon’s Kindle store, where it sold like crazy. She began promoting it 9-to-5. She gave her fans teasers; she offered the novel…

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